Vince McMahon Fires WWE Head Writer As Budget Cuts Continue

Sacking of Jay Gibson actually happened on Friday.

The WWE creative process has undergone another significant change as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has reportedly fired head writer Jay Gibson, according to a report from PWTorch. The firing happened on Friday, which was one day after WWE fired 11 on screen performers. McMahon's firing of Gibson probably doesn't matter to you or me because we never saw Gibson and have no understanding on what he actually did. However, a head writer is obviously an important role in the WWE hierarchy. Remember, though, McMahon is man in charge that is above everybody else and makes all decisions on what appears on WWE TV. He does rely on writers to put together the scripts for the shows, but nothing is going to happen without McMahon's stamp of approval. Last night's edition of Raw was the first WWE TV show without Gibson. Apparently that's a big reason why we got some gross out comedy segments with Stephanie McMahon throwing up all over Vickie Guerrero. The sneezing thing could also be a McMahon touch because he reportedly hates it when anybody sneezes, so perhaps that was something he put in. It's been a rough couple of months for WWE post WrestleMania 30. The WWE stock has plummeted, the new TV deal was disappointing compared to what WWE was hoping for it and with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan on the shelf for an indefinite amount of time there's a lot of uncertainty in WWE right now. In addition to all that, WWE Network's numbers haven't been as big as WWE was hoping for. In addition to all that, Wrestlezone is reporting that WWE wants to cut $20 million from its budget. That's why there have been releases of late, as well as potential cuts coming at NXT and the firing of head writer Jay Gibson. An example of the cost cutting measures already has seen Fandango's golden curtain entrance cut. It's not a big deal because Fandango's a midcarder, but it is significant that they cut it from his entrance. The podium that Bad News Barrett used to speak from is no longer being used although that's also because he's wrestling more now. The truck WWE used to transport those entrances has already been taken off the road, which will save WWE $250,000 per year in savings. There will likely be other changes in WWE in the coming months. A lot of WWE employees are likely on edge right now. It's not a great time to work for them although on screen the product really isn't going to change that much.
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