Vince McMahon Refusing To Let Dolph Ziggler QUIT WWE?

New report suggests Ziggler came THIS close to walking away recently.

Dolph Ziggler Vince McMahon

The past six days haven't been kind to Dolph Ziggler in WWE's kayfabe world, with 'The Show-Off' soundly battered by 52-year-old Bill Goldberg at SummerSlam 2019, before The Miz brought further humiliation upon him on the following night's Raw.

Now, there's talk that the company are actively blocking Ziggler's release.

According to Cassidy Haynes of, Vince McMahon had previously made a "handshake deal" with Dolph after agreeing that he'd be allowed to walk away from the promotion following this week's Raw. That, clearly, hasn't happened.

The report states that Ziggler wants to leave WWE in order to pursue his "other projects" and that McMahon was seemingly happy to let him out of his contract after SummerSlam. Haynes also notes that Dolph approached Vince to thank him personally one week prior, prompting the WWE Chairman to say that he wouldn't be released after all and that he'd rather "pay him to stay at home."

Early 2018 brought reports that Ziggler had signed a new long-term deal with the promotion, though it's unclear when, exactly, that contract expires. If the story is accurate, Dolph joins a long list of wantaway stars including Harper, The Revival, and others.

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