Vince McMahon Said To Be High On THIS WWE Superstar

Could the lucky grappler be set for a major push?

Andrade Almas Zelina Vega

WWE SmackDown star Andrade has seen his main roster stock grow gradually since graduating from NXT, with his turn-of-the-year feud with Rey Mysterio finally putting him on the map, leading to an increased TV role.

Having established himself as one of the blue brand's foremost midcarders, Andrade will feature in this year's men's Money In The Bank ladder match. A victory still seems unlikely, but major success might not be far away, with Fightful reporting that Vince McMahon is still high on the former La Sombra - particularly now that his spoken English is improving.

Reports of the Chairman's fondness for the former NXT Champion first emerged last September, when the same source claimed that Andrade caught his boss' eye after working with AJ Styles.

Andrade endured a tumultuous Superstar Shake-Up. Him and manager Zelina Vega were originally traded to Raw, where they tangled with Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor. They were then sent back to SmackDown the following week, reuniting Andrade with real-life partner Charlotte Flair, and it looks like they'll remain on Tuesday nights going forward.

Could the Chairman's renewed enthusiasm manifest as Money In The Bank success? That seems like a stretch, but it can't be ruled out.

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