Was Cesaro Injured On Last Night's WWE Raw?

A backstage update on the Swiss Cyborg's condition.

Cesaro Raw

Cesaro took a nasty bump on last night's WWE Raw, with 'The Swiss Cyborg' seemingly not ready as Ricochet flew from the top rope with his 630 splash. Rather than laying flat, Cesaro had one of his legs off the canvas, and this led to 'The One And Only' landing on the limb as he came crashing down.

Afterwards, Cesaro couldn't stand. Live reports state that he had to be helped to the back after eating the pinfall, sparking rumours of a major injury:-

But while the impact clearly caused Cesaro some pain, it doesn't sound like he's badly hurt. Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin reached out to a source after the show to confirm that the 38-year-old was "fine" when he got to the backstage area, and "doesn't appear to be seriously injured."

This will come as a huge relief to fans of the cult midcard favourite. Recent months have seen Cesaro embark on a singles feud after splitting from partner Sheamus in the Superstar Shake-Up, with his run already yielding several fun bouts with Ricochet. Here's hoping he's able to get back to these sooner rather than later.

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