WCW: 10 Best Starrcade Matches

7. Doom vs. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham – Starrcade: Collision Course

Doom had become successful since losing their masks, dominating some of the best teams WCW had to offer. The Four Horsemen, annoyed with Simmons’ and Reed’s progression, chose to battle Doom at Starrcade for the World Tag Team Championship.

The street fight spills straight to the ramp, with Simmons lashing Anderson with a belt. Windham is the first to be cut open, before Anderson smacks Reed with a chair. A spinebuster gets a two count. Windham lands the superplex, but Simmons kicks out at two. Anderson kicks out of a chair shot, while Reed kicks out of the piledriver. Windham gets caught with a clothesline and Reed goes for the pin, but, at the same time, Anderson locks in a small package, with both pins getting a three count, meaning the match ends in a draw.