What Did WWE Need To Do To Sign Kenny Omega?

'The Cleaner' may have said yes to a WrestleMania match with AJ Styles.

Omega Styles Wrestlemania

Kenny Omega and his Being the Elite crew seem about as far away from WWE as professionally possible at the moment, spearheading AEW's wrestling revolution over on TNT, but there was a point in the not too distant past when they came very close to joining the company.

Before getting in league with Tony Khan, Omega et al. received very handsome offers from Vince McMahon to join the industry's no. 1 promotion as top level stars.

Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, was asked precisely what it would have taken to convince 'The Cleaner' to balance his mop in WWE's bucket:

"I'm not sure that anything would have worked," he mused. "If they had promised him a WrestleMania match that would have went 35 minutes with AJ Styles, offered him more than $3 million a year, they would have had a chance."

The journalist added that Omega was very impressed and interested by the offer he did receive, but ultimately decided to help found All Elite Wrestling with his pals.

Meltzer also confirmed that the Elite crew would have skipped NXT and being placed straight into a top angle.

Omega vs. AJ at WrestleMania... can you imagine how good that would have been?

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