What Made Brock Lesnar Angry At February's UFC PPV?

It's probably not a good idea to suggest things to Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar attended Ronda Rousey's last UFC fight on February 28 in Los Angeles and apparently was in no mood to deal with certain people while he was sitting there. A story on Fox Sports featured actor Skylar Astin (known for being in Pitch Perfect 1 and 2), who appeared on The Fighter and The Kid podcast. Apparently Astin's brother went up to Lesnar and said: "'Dude! You gotta come back, man! You gotta come back, dude!'" The assumption is that he was telling Lesnar to come back to UFC. This was about a month before Lesnar announced he was staying in WWE. How did Lesnar respond? Not very well. Lesnar reportedly said: "'Sit the f*** down! You don't know s***! What the f***?'" According to Astin, Lesnar looked furious and his face was all red while apparently the girlfriend of Astin's brother was crying because of how Lesnar spoke to them. Apparently nothing really happened although Lesnar did stare at Astin's brother a few times because he was mad at him. Astin summarized it this way: "It means a lot to come back and I think he was just tired of everyone saying, 'come back, man.' I think it was just like, 'You don't know what I have to do to do this.'" Remember that this was at a point in Lesnar's career where he was actually training with MMA guys to see if he could get in the right kind of mental and physical shape to get back into fighting in UFC. He was seriously considering it. Lesnar's appearance at that Rousey fight was a huge surprise. It generated a lot of buzz when he showed up sitting cage-side that night. Even though Rousey is a huge draw, there was so much chatter caused by Lesnar showing up. Did it mean he was going back to UFC or was he just there as a fan? Nobody knew at the time. When you encounter a celebrity in a public setting and that person doesn't know who you are, chances are they might snap at you. Most don't. With a guy like Lesnar you never know. The lesson in all this is that Lesnar is the kind of guy you should only talk to in public in the right kind of setting. If you try to tell him what to do even in a friendly way, he might be very angry at you. That doesn't mean he's a bad guy in real life. He's just never been known as the most social celebrity whether he was in UFC or WWE. That's just how Lesnar is.
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