Who Will Be The Third Man For Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows’ Bullet Club WWE Invasion?

AJ Styles, Finn Balor or someone else?

karl anderson luke gallows

After the expected appearance of "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows on Raw, the Bullet Club members have struck again in a dark match before Tuesday's WWE Main Event tapings in San Diego.

Interrupting a filmed dark match between local wrestlers, Anderson and Gallows destroyed the competitors and cut a promo warning WWE that nobody is safe now that they have arrived. The pair reportedly received a positive reaction upon appearance but had drawn some heat by the time the promo came to an end.

The promo was reminiscent of WCW's original use of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in 1996, as The Outsiders would interrupt scheduled WCW segments before being forced out of the building.

As with Hulk Hogan joining Hall in Nash to form the New World Order, it's speculated that a third man will soon join Anderson and Gallows in their quest to disrupt the natural order of WWE.

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Former Bullet Club leaders in AJ Styles and Finn Balor are the two performers most fans speculate will re-join Bullet Club. Considering the group's overwhelming success in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling and Ring of Honor, replicating a tried and true formula on a larger scale would be a sight to see.

However, with Styles and Balor seemingly forging their own paths in WWE and NXT respectively, the opportunity arises for other WWE talent to join Bullet Club's cause.

Baron Corbin is one in particular who would benefit from siding with Anderson and Gallows. Having won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania and making his Raw debut the following night, Corbin will require a platform to stay relevant on the main roster.

Despite it going against his lone wolf nature, Corbin's frustration with NXT General Manager William Regal before TakeOver: Dallas would be a fitting reason behind him rebelling against the company. Not to mention he would perfectly compliment the power of Anderson and Gallows.

titus oneill

Perhaps WWE could go a completely different route by repackaging Titus O'Neil as a disgruntled employee after his very real - and very unnecessary - 60-day suspension.

As with Corbin, O'Neil has the physique and strength to make a believable brute. His motivation for joining Bullet Club would also add a realistic element that fans continue to bay for.

Who do you think should join Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows in WWE's version of Bullet Club? Let us know in the comments!


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