Why AJ Styles Is Working Dark Matches Instead Of WWE SmackDown

Meltzer reveals reason US Champ isn't competing on SD.

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AJ Styles is being saved for dark matches after SmackDown tapings to "make sure [the] crowd doesn't leave during 205 Live", according to Dave Meltzer.

The US Champion's absence from in-ring competition over recent weeks has been a source of concern for fans of the Tuesday show, some of whom worried that he may have picked up an injury.

However, when asked on Twitter whether AJ has performed at live events, Meltzer said that the former TNA star has been competing off-camera without any problem.

According to the WON reporter, holding the 'Phenomenal One' back until after the recordings are complete keeps fans from leaving during 205 Live.

As eagle-eyed viewers have noted, empty seats have become a common sight on the cruiserweight show - whose cast travel with the SmackDown roster - since its inception late last year.

And reports that WWE is now having to compromise on the quality of one of its major brands to give it a lift will do little to win over the skeptics.

Although he has not been in action of late, AJ is currently embroiled in a feud with Baron Corbin, against whom he will defend the US Title at Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

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