Why DDP’s Hall Of Fame Induction Is One Big WWE Apology

Honouring him now is making up for past transgressions...

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Excitement was palpable when Vince McMahon publicly revealed to a WWF audience live on Raw in March, 2001 that he "now owned WCW". Finally, fans were going to see a bevy of fantasy matches they had dreamed about for years, and the WWF would make it happen.

The initial buzz was tempered when it became clear that stars like Sting, Hulk Hogan, Goldberg and others wouldn't be making the jump over from WCW to play part in the WWF's 'Invasion' angle; worries were temporary though, because huge names such as Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page - both home grown WCW stars - would be involved.

That's when the wheels fell off the wagon and WWF creative minds had one colossal brain fart.

Presumably feeling that DDP wasn't at a level worthy of mixing it with The Undertaker or other main event talent in the WWF as himself, the McMahon family decided to awkwardly turn Page into a stalker. This decision completely destroyed any chance the previously-cherished WCW star had of making a splash.

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Stripped of his infectious 'man of the people' aura, Page was consciously put in a position to fail by those who should have been supporting him the most. Acting as a stalker to 'Taker's wife Sara was only made more outlandish by the fact most wrestling fans knew DDP was married to the gorgeous Kimberly Page.

Fast forward to 2017 and Page will finally be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. The night before WrestleMania 33, one of WCW's true success stories will be honoured by the company for his achievements between the ropes and invaluable help in turning around the lives of men like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall.

The entire exercise feels like an apology from WWE's top brass, and it's one that's definitely merited by Page; left to look like a chump when the writing team were bored of the stalker gimmick, a former WCW World Champion was left to pick up the pieces.

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Much has been written about the botched WCW/ECW Invasion, but not enough has focused on the fact that Diamond Dallas Page was turned from one of the most over men in wrestling to a redundant flop in one fell swoop.

Page deserved much better after working so hard to make himself viable in WCW, and WWE's announcement that he will be inducted into their Hall Of Fame acts as an acknowledgement that they dropped the ball with him 16 years ago.

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