Why Nick Aldis Won't Be Joining WWE Soon

The NWA World Champ had strong words for Triple H...

Nxt Uk

Current NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis has told Busted Open Radio the reason why he won't be joining WWE's NXT UK project anytime soon.

During the interview, Aldis said he'd deposited "more money in my bank account in one week than some of those guys are going to make in half a year on that contract". Ouch. It didn't stop there; the Brit also had strong words for Triple H, and said the WWE executive made an "ill-informed decision" by not hiring him "when he had the chance".

Going on, Aldis continued by telling Trips that he only had to pick up the phone if he wanted to hold the real NWA World Heavyweight Title belt. Though "The Game" is said to have a replica of the championship mounted on his office wall, he's unlikely to take Nick up on that offer.

Aldis is scheduled to defend the NWA World Heavyweight Title against Cody Rhodes at Rhodes' All In event on 1 September. It doesn't sound like he's too enthused about WWE's UK project, or that he'd be interested in joining on even if he lost his title.

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