William Regal Reportedly Not Joining WWE Hall Of Fame 2017

The respected veteran has to keep on waiting.

William Regal King of the Ring

A few months ago, the names of Diamond Dallas Page, Beth Phoenix, Rick Rude, William Regal and a few others were all rumored for the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017. While the Regal rumors kept up, and the names of the other wrestlers were announced one-by-one, something has changed and it now appears he will not be entering the Hall this year.

PWInsider has noted that two different sources within the company claim Regal is no longer being considered. The past couple of years, the final entry into the Hall has been the reveal of the Warrior Award recipient. With Eric LeGrand being announced last night on Raw, that means we likely have our class set.

He certainly has the qualifications to enter the WWE Hall of Fame, it's just a shame that it won't be in 2017.

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