WrestleMania 33: 10 Huge Predictions You Need To Know

The surprise twists and turns on the 'Ultimate Thrill Ride'.


The 'Grandest Stage' is now set, with final tweaks to the WrestleMania card on the go-home editions of both Raw and Smackdown Live! solidifying the layout of the loaded card just days ahead of the biggest weekend in the global wrestling calendar.

The stacked line-up doesn't look how many thought it might as little as three months ago, but there still appears a wealth of dynamic pairings and exciting contests that could actually see the supershow grossly over-deliver on measured expectations.

Furthermore, the level of patience exhibited from the company to see out several long-term plans in order to get particular combatants all the way to the 'Show of Shows' has given audiences a kind reminder of the oft-forgotten benefits of restraint.

The dedication to these programmes in particular has left much of the card difficult to call, and the organisation has taken pleasure in previous years surprising many with their booking decisions, especially with shows the next night, week and month to think about that may feature reruns of top bouts and the issues therein.

Unpicking some of the biggest matches and highlighting some potential future 'WrestleMania Moments', here are 10 last minute predictions for WrestleMania 33.


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