Wrestling Quiz: Are These Tag Team Brothers Real Or Kayfabe?

Blood is thicker than kayfabe. Sometimes.


According to Bruce Prichard on his 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast, Vince McMahon once said, "Brothers don't fight" when he suggested a sibling rivalry in the mid-'90s. Of course, anyone who has a bro will tell you that Vinnie Mac was dead wrong.

The real question is this: do brothers fight if they're not actually brothers at all, and how can one tell if they're storyline kin in the first place?

Pro wrestling has always been obsessed with the classic brother tag team gimmick. It's not hard to see why; theoretically, those who have grown up together will have better natural chemistry, and that's an easy sell for wrestling announcers. That's been true in WWE, TNA, NWA, WCW, the Indys, New Japan and beyond.

All 20 of the tag teams in this quiz were called brothers on screen. Your job is to decipher exactly who the shoot ones were, and identify those tandems that didn't share blood ties at all.

Before dipping in, just know you'll laugh at some depending on your grappling knowledge. Be careful though, because others are there to deliberately catch you out!

1. The Young Bucks

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