WWE: 10 Attitude-Era Wrestlers Who Never Won A Title

The WWF Attitude Era was famous for a few things: the addition of T&A, cursing, and obscene gestures to the shows; reality-based storylines; the lack of true "babyfaces" and "heels"; etc. But that era was also famous for the devaluing of once- prestigious championships. World Wrestling Federation titles- once the backbone of feuds and wrestlers' worth- were no longer being held for months or years. Instead, they were: hot-shotted to advance storylines; rewarded to longtime WWF employees and/or McMahon Family Members regardless of talent; or used as a prop for comedy characters like Gillberg. It seemed like everyone who was or wasn't anyone held a title at one point, even if it was a lower-tiered title like the European or Light Heavyweight Championship, or a token Hardcore title reign during the "24/7" rule. Even one of the Godfather's unnamed Hos had a brief Hardcore Championship run. The following are 10 Attitude Era Wrestlers (both individual and teams) that never held a WWF Title. These wrestlers were treated like a "big deal" at some point in their WWF career, competed for but never won a single title, something even part-time wrestlers like Pat Patterson, Vince McMahon and his son Shane, and manager/Diva Terri Runnels were able to accomplish. Note- While it is generally agreed that the "Attitude Era" ended at WrestleMania 17, there is no solid agreement on when it began. While the most common starting date is WrestleMania 14, WWE themselves have dated the genesis as far back as the 1996 King of the Ring with the birth of "Austin 3:16." That date is the starting point being referenced for this article.
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