WWE: 10 Awesome Matches That Showcased Great Ring Psychology

Nothing rattles a dedicated wrestling fan more than the "It's fake!" brigades. The crowds of critics who deny the physical strain, serious risk and impressive achievements that come package-and-parcel with the in-ring performances are frustratingly large. Sure, you can sit them down and show them Eddie's horrific blood loss, or the agonising moment Michael's breaks his back or any number of flips, moonsaults and perfect falls as you want, nothing is likely to sway them from the attitude that it's all just glorified acting. But set the cogs of a compelling storyline in motion and they are damn sure gonna sit up and pay attention. Because for every criticism those bad-mouthers have about the sport, the ability to capture hundreds of thousands of fan's attention with a simple expression is the sign of a truly great match. A look in the eye, a quiver of the hand, an attack made out of sheer desperation can draw people in better than a knuckle dragging bloodbath ever could. In-ring psychology is what sets aside the Flair's from the Otunga's . These are about more than just athleticism, they are about emotion as well. They give us a punch in the heart and a kick in the teeth, and that's exactly what made these ten matches great.

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