WWE: 10 Best Hart Family Moments At Royal Rumble

WhatCulture is pleased to welcome Smith Hart as a new guest columnist to the WWE section. A veteran of the wrestling industry, Smith is the first son of the Hart family patriarch Stu Hart. As a former wrestler, the elder brother of Bret and Owen has enjoyed his own share of success in the squared circle - he competed in his Father's Stampede Wrestling and established himself in tours around Europe. Following retirement he has trained many wrestlers, including the Highlanders who competed in the WWE. Smith himself appeared in WWE at Wrestlemania 26, helping Bret defeat Vince McMahon in a no holds barred match. Smith's vast experience in the industry is impressive and he will now share some of his insight here at WhatCulture. His exclusive features here in our WWE section will be in the same top ten countdown that our readers enjoy so much, his first article focusing on the Hart Family at the Royal Rumble. It is of course a fitting subject given the proximity of the Rumble this weekend. The Hart family were key in the history of this event success. Bret was one of the key characters in the formative years of the Rumble concept, helping to establish the narrative as the thrilling showcase it has became. Likewise, Owen was involved in so many great moments at the Rumble, and it was no doubt fun for Smith to revisit so many memorable family moments. Click next to enjoy Smith Hart's own unique perspective and analysis of the Hart Family at the Royal Rumble ...

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