Whilst Raw’s permanent move to three hours appears a daunting prospect owing to a poor track record over the distance and a current lack of creative discipline, it could also offer the chance to let certain unheralded talents shine inside the ring and for proven workers to deliver classic matches on a weekly basis. After all over the years, it has been the occasional great matches that have kept us watching when we’ve wanted to scream at the television during John Cena’s comedy routines or turn it off completely during any number of embarrassing backstage skits.

The following countdown is designed to remind people of why we still tune in week in week out, through the good, the bad and the downright ugly of Monday Night Raw because as fans we all know that a wrestling match at its best with fluid chemistry, raging, competitive emotion and a hot crowd is a viewing experience that goes toe to toe with any other art form on the planet.

So then, featuring crazy cage related bumps, quad tearing bravery, flying superkicks, excellent execution and table smashing piledrivers, this is my word on the ten greatest matches that WWE flagship show has given us since its debut almost twenty years ago.

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This article was first posted on July 25, 2012