WWE: 10 Best Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunners

steve austin From the guy that brought you 10 People That Couldn't Take A Stone Cold Stunner, come the Top 10 Stunners. For those new to the wrestling world, a Stone Cold Stunner is the finishing maneuver of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the baddest S.O.B on the planet. Here's the origin from the mouth of the rattlesnake himself:
Michael P.S. Hayes came up to me and said "Hey, Kid€You got a minute? I wanna show you something€. I said €œSure€ and followed him to the ring. As we walked he started explaining to me that he had maybe come up with a better finishing move for me than the one I was using at the time. Michael explained that Johnny €˜Ace€™ Laurinaitus had been using a version of the this finish in Japan with great success. Johnny had also shown his version of the finish to my buddy Diamond Dallas Page. DDP was starting to run roughshod in WCW with a helluva run and called his version of it the Diamond Cutter. The difference that Michael would show me was that instead of going flat, I would drop down on my ass, theoretically driving my shoulder into the opponent€™s throat.
So now that you know where it came from and what it is, let's start the list. I should point out that the majority of the Stunners on this list made it because of how awesome they looked, not historical significance. On to the first victim.

10. Santa Claus

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0q75GAo1Ng4#t=167s Poor Santa. He had it coming for being a phony. This gem comes to us from the December 22nd, 1997 episode of Raw. Santa was in the ring being not so jolly. He kicked a kid out of the ring for saying he wasn't the real Santa. Austin came down to rectify the situation and not only gave us this moment for the Holiday highlight reels, but the quote "Are you the real Santa or are you just a fat piece of trash?"

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