WWE: 10 Best Title Belt Designs In The History Of Wrestling

Ever since the beginning of Professional Wrestling, there have been title belts. Much like every professional, there has to be…

Scott Daly


10 best title designs

Ever since the beginning of Professional Wrestling, there have been title belts. Much like every professional, there has to be a goal, something to strive for, something to aim for. Footballers have trophies, cricket players have a small urn, chef’s have stars, actors have Oscars and musicians have gold records and Grammy’s. Pro wrestlers have title belts.

The notion of a title belt may seem unusual to those that don’t watch any kind of combat sport, like MMA, boxing or wrestling, but it’s what we know as the ultimate goal. If we’re all being honest with ourselves, we all had a replica of a title belt growing up, I know I personally had many, and I’m very sure most, if not every person reading this had at least one as well.

This list takes titles from the 4 major pro wrestling promotions, 2 of which are no longer in existence, and of course WWF and WWE are the same company. I fully believe the 10 belts listed here are, in my opinion the best these companies have had designed. So let’s begin.


10. ECW World Heavyweight Championship

ECW Title

Now, in general, this title is not that well designed, but when you consider what company this was the title for, it suddenly becomes a thing of beauty.

When ECW went from Eastern Championship Wresting to Extreme Championship Wrestling, a title belt was needed to reflect this new format. And I ask you, what better way to crown the Extreme Championship Wrestling Champion than with a belt that is faded, had a snake skin back, is adorned with barbed wire wrapped baseball bats and has the words “Heavyweight Wrestling” wrote in red to make it seem like blood. It’s pretty fitting when you think about it. For me that’s what makes this title stand out.

Like I said, in any other promotion if you walked in and this was the top prize you would probably think twice about where this was going, but in somewhere like ECW, where extreme wrestling was born, then this is the perfect prize. A huge solid gold finely polished title belt would look incredibly out of place, and this belt just fits in perfectly.

ECW Title 4

When WWE brought ECW back in 2005, the title was lost in amongst the other World Titles, and it just didn’t look like it was working, especially when it wads the 3rd major title in the company. Then you had guys like Bobby Lashley, Kane and John Morrison winning the belt, and really, it just looked stupid. So WWE tried to redesign the belt and came up with this massive silver belt that wasn’t any better. The title was retired for the 2nd time in 2010 and Ezekiel Jackson was the last ECW World Heavyweight Champion.