A big part of the modern day wrestling thrill is when fiction crosses over into fact. A nugget of truth or flare of reality is a surefire way to engage the “smart” fan segment of the WWE audience, particularly if the breaking of the fourth wall involves a personal gripe. Why does this entertain us so much? Mostly because it appeals to the human interest in controversy and gossip, the intrigue we have as WWE fans for what’s really going on in the secretive business.

Known as a “shoot”, wrestlers have often broke character and talked about their real feelings in promos over the years. More often than not, this is usually done with WWE’s blessing, with Vince McMahon keenly aware of the buzz factor that can be generated with these story-telling devices. The “worked shoot” is now one of the most popular angles in all of wrestling, the best ones being indistinguishable from fiction and reality.

There is a corresponding consideration that shoot angles are in fact terrible. From a business point of view, much of today’s WWE audience is under 13. They’ve never seen Austin wrestle, and they have no idea who the likes of Jake the Snake are. There is also the vast number of WWE fans who never read internet sites, and just consume the content at face value.

For this majority of people, a shoot angle can be completely lost. However, for the fans reading internet sites such as (thanks very much, by the way), a worked shoot is probably one of your favorite angles in wrestling. Here we take a look at the ten best worked shoots of all time …

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This article was first posted on January 15, 2014