WWE: 10 Best "Worked Shoot" Promos Ever

3. Scott Steiner Ripping On WCW

Where do you begin with Scott Steiner? His anger-fuelled rants on WCW TV added considerable heat to his character, but also tore down the company and its performers. Among his outbursts included telling WCW viewers how s*it the company was, that they should be watching Steve Austin on Raw, and saying all the WCW wrestlers backstage were terrible. Personal comments directed toward Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair caused real hurt to both men, but Steiner didn't care. After one promo in which he said DDP needed a sex change (and later backstage comments about Page's wife), a fight erupted in the locker room, with Steiner battering Page. Despite several more hugely unprofessional incidents involving Scott Steiner, he was never punished and ultimately ending up being signed by WWE in 2002 despite his reputation.
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