WWE: 10 Greatest Superstar Ribs Of All Time

2owen hart Wrestlers lead a pretty tough life, they are on the road a lot, don't see much of their families and keep pretty strange hours. As a result of these working conditions Wrestlers are prone to play practical jokes on one another which are referred to within the industry as 'pulling a Rib'. Many wrestlers gained backstage notoriety for their capacity to invent innovative and hilarious practical jokes that gained them infamy amongst their colleagues. Owen Hart, Mr.Fuji, Dynamite Kid and Curt Hennig are all examples of famous masters of the Rib though all wrestlers at one time or another will pull a Rib on each other to pass the time, avenge a personal issue or just to make themselves laugh. Here then are my favourite top ten Ribs. Enjoy.

10. Shawn Stasiak's Passport

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVd183LEaek During a tour of Europe in early 2002 Shawn Stasiak, who was not well liked by his peers, had become somewhat of an irritant to the crew of wrestlers he was working with. Amongst these wrestlers was Curt Hennig who, many suspect , was the culprit behind this particular practical joke. After a particularly trying day a wrestler on the tour decided they all needed a break from the company of Mr. Stasiak and decided the best way in which to accomplish this was to obtain Mr. Stasiak's passport and burn it, which is precisely what he did leaving the charred remains for Mr. Stasiak to discover in his luggage when they were due to depart the country that night to head back to the United States.
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