Though tag team wrestling has taken a downturn in recent years it is worth remembering WWE once had a flourishing and dynamic tag team scene and experienced many boom periods where several great teams battled each other regularly and frequently headlined house shows due to their ability to craft long and dramatic contests.

For the purposes of this list I will be focusing only on tag teams who worked in the WWE (WWF) from the years 1986 to present day, with the only other rules being that the tag teams listed must have been a working team consistently for over 1 year and noticeably contributed to the development of the tag team division they served in.

10. Paul London and Brian Kendrick (2006-2007)

Not a choice many will agree with as WWE themselves tend to ignore one of the longest reigning tag team champion teams to ever work in the company. Winning the Smackdown version of the tag titles in May 2006 they would go to hold the titles until April 2007 and enter sparkling performances every time they entered the ring. They are the only team on this entire list that I could not find a bad match from which is no mean feat when you consider some of the dross they had to work with during this period.

Indeed, after the implosion of MNM (another fine combo) London and Kendrick pretty much were the tag division. There was a recklessness and crackpot intensity about these two that made them stand out amongst the crowd on Smackdown and it is one of WWE’s biggest mistakes that they failed to capitalise on one of the most innovative, hard working and watchable tag teams in the history of the WWE.

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This article was first posted on February 1, 2013