Roman Reigns

There’s no denying Roman Reigns is hot right now. His membership in The Shield has garnered Reigns much attention, as they’ve been one of the best things to happen in WWE this year. The jack boot-wearing threesome has kept a high profile without getting stale, a great feat among the painful gimmicks and baffling story lines.  And now, after enjoying over a year of three-way adulation, Reigns is being positioned as the one to watch.

He’s been given the win in Big Match situations (Survivor Series), he gets a huge reaction for his Spear, and he’s showing signs of being the first member of The Shield to mutiny. All that, and he is one handsome, virile hunk of a man. Did I just say that out loud?

What is it about Roman Reigns that makes a proper lady lose all sense of propriety? I give you 10 Hot Reasons To Believe In Roman Reigns!

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This article was first posted on December 7, 2013