WWE: 10 Most Terrible Wrestling T-Shirts Of All Time

10. APA: Always Pounding Ass Bar and Grill

01 APA Shirt Faarooq and Bradshaw are two of the legitimately toughest guys ever to grace the WWE. The former Acolytes turned into bodyguards, offering their services for any wrestler that wanted to rent them. Problem is, this t-shirt made it questionable which services they were offering themselves for. To wrestling fans A.P.A clearly stood for Acolyte Protection Agency, but to a non-fan seeing this new acronym it probably raised some eyebrows. "Always Pounding Ass," might have seemed like a tough statement in the merchandise brainstorming meeting, but they really didn't think about how it would look to the outside world. In particular the addition of the words "Bar and Grill," at the bottom suggested that maybe this t-shirt was maybe picked up at a bar and grill establishment that one could get their ass pounded at. You never know, it's always the ones who put up the biggest front who have the deepest secrets after all. Whatever the reasoning, this t-shirt didn't last long. Thankfully the perception of them as an interracial gay couple didn't hurt the Acolytes business. Bradshaw never had any notable merchandise after the APA, even as JBL, while Faarooq turned his "DAMN!" catchphrase into a simple but effective t-shirt eventually.
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