WWE: 10 Potentially Awesome Feuds For Batista’s Return

Batista’s back, but who will he wrestle?




On January 20th 2014 the WWE will be welcoming back one of their most popular and decorated World Champions, Dave Batista. After a lot of speculation it was finally confirmed during the 23rd December 2013 edition of Monday Night Raw that he will be returning after the WWE aired a video package promoting the return of The Animal.

The last we saw of Dave Batista was back in 2010 when he was sitting in a wheelchair and complaining to the fans about how they needed him, and at times he has been right. That segment led to Batista genuinely leaving the WWE where he went on to star in movies such as Riddick and the upcoming Marvel project, Guardians of the Galaxy and also a short stint in MMA. But a return to the WWE was always on the cards at some point.

His eventual return has sparked many debates on who Batista can feud with. A wide array of potential opponents have been named and I have compiled a list of ten potential superstars Batista can feud with upon his return in January.

So which feuds are open for Batista to take part in? Here are ten of the best options…