WWE: 10 Most Powerful Wrestlers Ever

Is The World’s Strongest Man WWE’s Strongest Man?

Erik Beaston



To a young wrestling fan, there is nothing quite as thrilling as watching the top Superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment engage in unrivaled acts of power and strength. Whether it is a massive powerslam, a big suplex or the dreaded Full Nelson submission, the powerhouses of professional wrestling have always managed to strike a chord with the audience at large. Some of the greatest Superstars of all-time were strong men, capable of lifting any opponent, regardless of weight or size, high into the air with relative ease.

Hall of Famers such as the late Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Tony Atlas and Ivan Putski were tremendously strong individuals who found great success for themselves in the over-the-top world of sports-entertainment. Today’s strongest include The Shield’s Roman Reigns, the “Swiss Superman” Cesaro and multiple-time WWE and World Heavyweight champion John Cena. The recent rise of the aforementioned Reigns and Cesaro, along with Big E, Rusev and the underrated Titus O’Neil ensure that WWE has a crop of forceful competitors to help build toward its future.

A company built on the backs of chiseled, powerful and dominant Superstars, WWE has produced some of the most memorable men of might in wrestling history.

These are just a few.