WWE: 10 Predictions For 2014

9. A Daniel Bryan/CM Punk Programme Will Happen

Bryan Vs Punk Again, similar to above, this is too good not to happen. There are rumours that CM Punk's contract is finished in 2015 and, if that's the case, these two need a storied feud which could run a few months. Their match at Over the Limit in 2012 was a match of the year contender and the Money in the Bank match was good too. What these two need is a longer, battling run that could take place over several PPV's and really develop. CM Punk is one of the best talkers and Daniel Bryan is currently the best in-ring worker. If this feud took place and was given time, it could really push WWE programming in the usually weak last quarter. Of course, there have always been rumours that creative and management don't totally trust these two for PPV buys but there comes a point when WWE realises that a lot of fans want to see these sorts of matches and stories. Punk was derailed by HHH in 2011 and Bryan was derailed by the same man last year. Let them just have their own storied feud and let the big man derail someone else instead.

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