WWE: 10 Reasons Alexander Rusev Can Be A Top Guy

10. The Look

Throughout the long and illustrious history of World Wrestling Entertainment, a Superstar's look was almost as important as anything he was capable of between the ropes. If a man had a look that Vince McMahon could market and promote to great success, he was immediately pushed. Today's WWE is significantly different, with in-ring skill and merchandising being the most coveted elements of any performer. Still, the way one looks can go a long way in earning them opportunities others with more talent would not necessarily get. Rusev is a massive athlete. Despite being billed at only six-foot-three, he is an impressive 304-pounds of muscle mass. His bulky appearance and the manner in which he carries himself makes him look like a legitimate badass and a star no one in their right mind would want to cross. The intense seriousness he wears on his face before, during and after his matches is paints the portrait of a man that has only one focus and that is destroying anyone put before him. He is physically imposing and has an aura of danger and destruction around him at all times. It is a look that will take him very far in his chosen profession.
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