WWE: 10 Reasons Alexander Rusev Can Be A Top Guy

3. Lack Of Quality Heels

In today's WWE, there are a number of excellent babyfaces, such as John Cena, Daniel Bryan, the newly turned Shield, Sheamus, Big Show and even Dolph Ziggler. There are not, however, an abundance of truly great heels. Sure, Randy Orton and Batista are main event stars but they have seemingly become henchmen for Triple, who himself is only a part-time in-ring worker. The Wyatt Family is stellar and Alberto Del Rio is a great worker with no real character. This opens up an opportunity for Rusev to rapidly ascend up the card and join the ranks of the best heels in wrestling. With Lana by his side and the ability to destroy the babyfaces in his way, Rusev could easily become a top heel, the indestructible force that could earn his way to a high profile program with a marquee babyface such as Bryan or Cena. There is a big opening and it is his for the taking...if he can prove that he can perform up to that level of competition.
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