WWE: 10 Reasons Roman Reigns Is The Future Following Survivor Series

Roman Reigns It wasn't just Randy Orton, John Cena, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan grabbing the headlines at Survivor Series 2013 - the big man of the Shield, Roman Reigns, also stood out as an excellent contender for the wrestler of the night. For the 28 year old Samoan American, it was his big night in the WWE. Fans will look back on Survivor Series 2013 as the night that the WWE anointed Reigns as their next big star. The Samoan took his opportunity and stepped up. Fans were chanting his name, and the pop he recieved when he pinned Rey Mysterio was the sound of a star being christened. Having stripped back the rest of the Shield, fans witnessed Reigns having to take on the team of Goldust and Rey Mysterio. Reigns overcame the odds and demolished the pair with two vicious looking spears. He had already dispatched of two others from Team Mysterio earlier in the elimination match. WWE had booked the Samoan as the star of the match. Here we look at 10 reasons Roman Reigns is the future of WWE following Survivor Series...
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