WWE: 10 Superstars Who Desperately Need New Entrance Music

Triple H B There can't be a more exciting moment for many fans than when certain music hits, and you know that someone is making their way to the ring. From the big returns of Jericho and the Rock, to Steve Austin coming out to kick ass and take names and even Ziggler earlier this year coming out to win the World Heavyweight Championship, that moment when the music hits is iconic. So it's all important the each Superstar has the right music, no one want to see Brock Lesnar storming to the ring with funky jazz in the background, or Fandango coming out to death metal screams. WWE has created some classic theme music over the year, and Jim Johnston has been at the heart of this, and I'm not about to right an article slamming the music itself. This is not an article about my favourite songs in WWE, nor is it about the songs themselves at all really. This is my judgement of 10 Superstars who could really use new music, maybe to help them change their gimmick, maybe to freshen up a stale character, or because the song is inappropriate for the WWE.
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