WWE: 10 Superstars Who Should Be Fired

In today’s world, employment is a privilege rather than a right. With the recession going on and the market being…

Siddharth Grover



In today’s world, employment is a privilege rather than a right. With the recession going on and the market being on an all-time low, any company needs to make a few changes to keep running successfully, and usually the most prominent strategy used by any company is to hand over the pink slip to the employees who barely work, and are a liability to the company.

The WWE is the same. Every year, multiple new wrestlers are hired to increase the revenue, and thus we have the annual ‘spring cleaning’. Last year, we witnessed the releases of Abraham Washington (due to an incident), Maxine and more, and this year, the releases have not been handed out yet. However, to keep the scene fresh and to keep the WWE from being bankrupt, some superstars need to be sent home for their own benefit. Therefore, the following are the ten superstars who the WWE might fire soon, and why it might not be a bad thing necessarily.

Note: This article does not wish unemployment on any person, but is just a list of the most probable superstars who could be fired this year. The author understands that each wrestler needs to support their families, however these superstars will benefit from their releases. Hence, below are ten superstars who the WWE should fire.

10. Michael McGillicutty

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The second-generation superstar, Michael McGillicutty has been in the WWE for more than a year now, and yet, he hasn’t been promoted nor has he ever been featured on TV properly, ever since the Nexus debacle. Michael McGillicutty, born in a family where wrestling runs in the blood, should be obviously pushed and should be given championships, right? Wrong. Michael McGillicutty, in his short stay in the WWE, has proved absolutely nothing instead of the fact that he is a generic heel who can be replaced by anyone else. McGillicutty is an above average wrestler, and he might have trained the Rock for his matches, but if he cannot perform in the ring, then there’s nothing left for Mr Perfect Jr. to do.

The WWE has absolutely no gimmick for McGillicutty: right now, he just plays a cocky heel who loses all his matches. While some might say that his promo skills are good, I request you to watch his promo in the NXT II finale. While this might be shocking to hear, but I do not hate Michael McGillicutty, but if the WWE were to make any cuts to save their money, Michael McGillicutty would probably be the first one to get the boot, not because he’s not talented – he is – but because creative has nothing for him, and he has no charisma at all.