WWE: 10 Talking Points - Randy Savage & Stephanie McMahon Affair Rumour

2. Stephanie Says She Was "Banned" From Dating The Talent

Stephanie Mcmahon On the recent Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come documentary and the 2006 McMahon DVD, Stephanie McMahon reveals that she was banned from dating WWF talent. That poses an interesting question, why was that rule introduced? Was it just a coincidence that Vince McMahon had banned his daughter from dating talent, or did he have to ban her for a reason? Perhaps Vince McMahon introduced this rule to Stephanie after he found out she had been involved with Randy Savage. It seems plausible. Stephanie states how it made it hard to get with Triple H because of being banned from dating talent and knowing her Dad would be furious. It would add up that she had some past experience of this which is why it made it so hard to get with Paul 'HHH' Levesque. Stephanie also reveals in the HHH documentary that her and Hunter were able to keep their relationship a secret from everyone in the locker room for a long time. Maybe that explains why there are such scant details about her relationship with Savage, she was simply able to keep it very quiet.
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