WWE: 10 Wrestlemania 30 Matches That Are Seriously Being Discussed

The final week in November is traditionally a hectic one for WWE.┬áThe creative team are currently operating on three levels…

Grahame Herbert

WWE Editor


The final week in November is traditionally a hectic one for WWE. The creative team are currently operating on three levels : Firstly closing out Survivor Series, secondly planning the huge unification angle for TLC, and thirdly they are consumed with the long term planning for Wrestlemania 30. Added to this stress is the ever changing signals from management on what talent will actually be coming in for the April 6th 2014 event.

Various deals with outside talent are still being discussed. It seems that WWE are even keener than usual to bring in nostalgic star power for the anniversary show. The twists and turns between talent relations with non contracted peformers is proving a problem for creative. Many of the writing team are currently having to work on three or four scenarios relating to what will happen if WWE do or do not sign certain talent.

Nevertheless, WWE remains confident that they have a pretty good idea of what the top matches will be at Wrestlemania 30. A rough idea is circling in the locker room, and WWE are starting to implement the ground work for the event in current Raw storylines. Still, Vince McMahon has been known to change his mind on direction right up until March. Anything could still happen, and with outside negotiations still taking place, the actual card could end up very differently.

Going off what we know and other sources, here are the 10 Wrestlemania 30 matches WWE are discussing.