WWE's Most Liked Instagram Photo Ever Is Surprising

First a Grand Slam Champion, now a certified social media draw...

Roman Reigns Intercontinental Instagram
Instagram, @WWE

He might be the most polarising figure in professional wrestling today, but Roman Reigns is a certified needle-mover for WWE, and now can now call himself the subject of the company's most-liked Instagram picture ever.

This black and white image of the current Intercontinental Champion is, at the time of writing, the most popular 'Gram post in WWE history. It's currently sitting at over 590,000 likes, though it's worth mentioning that a post-return photo of Paige uploaded last Wednesday generated approximately 500,000.

It's tough to draw any strong conclusions from this. One well-liked Instagram post doesn't undo the many thunderous choruses of jeers 'The Guy' has received over the past few years, but it suggests that Reigns is more popular than his detractors would have you believe.

WWE put huge stock into social media engagement levels, too. With the ratings crisis seemingly incurable, sites like Instagram have become one of their most common metrics for measuring success. We can debate whether or not these numbers are an acceptable substitute for ratings, but the company clearly think they are, and will likely see this as a big win for Roman's push.

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