WWE's Top 10 Biggest Signings Of 2017

WWE continues to impress with the amazing array of talent they sign.


Between the signings of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura and the returns of Shane McMahon and Goldberg, WWE had an incredible influx of talent in 2016. The bar was set pretty high coming into the new year, and although 2017 is not yet over, it's safe to safe WWE definitely delivered when it came to bringing in even more notable names.

WWE constantly scouts wrestlers from across the globe, and in addition to breeding stars from scratch (such as Sonya Deville and Lars Sullivan), they aren't shy about taking talent from other promotions such as Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, or New Japan. That would have been unheard of years ago, but officials are finally coming to the conclusion that there's nothing wrong with featuring superstars that they themselves didn't create.

It may eventually come to a point where there will be no more world renowned wrestlers left for the company to bring in. At present, it's still surreal to see these stars pop up in WWE.

Regardless of whether they arrived on the WWE scene for the first time or made a comeback after years away from the company, these were WWE's top 10 biggest signings of 2017.

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