WWE: 4 Superstars Who Sucked In 2012

brodus clay In a follow up article in relation to my recent post €œWWE: 4 Superstars to Look Out For In 2013€ I thought I would I provide an Omega to that Alpha. 4 guys who had potential this past year but ended up being jobbers for the rest of the roster to plough over. Now I want to get one thing straight right off the bat, I am not saying that these blew it of their own accord, quite the opposite in fact as I€™m sure most of the following gentleman€™s downfall was decided by WWE creative and there lack of actual creativity with these guys. The following guys are still used on TV every so often but have the old position on the card as jobbers. A team of jobbers is needed in wrestling promotions because let€™s face it, you can€™t have everyone win every match now can you? And these guys do their job admirably as they all have a solid character base and some strong fan reaction. Perfect jobbing technique my good sirs. Two of the following are also very popular with the fans, which is mostly down to their own self-promotion. Again, a great example of running with what you€™ve got. Very admirable but perhaps they are just enjoying the small amount of limelight they get instead of seeking fortunes elsewhere. But on to it, 4 guys who are the current crop of jobbers in the WWE: Honourable Mentions Santino Marrella Poor little Santino is nothing more than an extremely lower card member of the Roster. The only thing that keeps him out of my top 4 is his overly long US Title run and how genuinely funny this guy can be. I€™m sure he€™s happy doing what he does whilst having some freedom to be the funny man. Everyone likes a comedian! Primo and Epico These guys are a superb tag team and at the last WrestleMania were Tag Team Champions. Fast forward close to a year and they€™re getting destroyed by pretty much everyone. Such a shame because they are actually very good! It also appears that soon they will lose Rosa Mendes to Alberto Del Rio which will cause fans to really switch off when they enter the arena. BUT, they were Tag Champs in 2012 for 3 months and have potential to bounce back so I can€™t really call them flops just yet.
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