WWE: 4 Wrestlers Who Could Join Paul Heyman's Faction

Fans were shocked when Paul Heyman was found to be working with CM Punk. Here's four more WWE stars who should join them...

The WWE has been littered with memorable factions throughout their history. D-Generation X was a major part of the Attitude Era, Evolution dominated the Ruthless Aggression Era and the Corporation were a perennial thorn in the sides of Stone Cold and Mankind. Nexus showed potential in 2010 but with the current state of the company it wasn€™t surprising to see John Cena break them apart. Factions were popular during the AE because heels attract heat by outnumbering opponents and cheating, while faces are cheered for fighting despite the odds; it€™s wrestling psychology 101. Fans were shocked when Paul Heyman was found to be working with CM Punk. At the moment it is hard to notice the advantages of the WWE Champion having a manager; Heyman is one of the best antagonists but the Best in the World is solid all round. Perhaps one benefit would be if the former ECW owner created a faction featuring some of the best young talents in the company. Here are four wrestlers who could be in a Paul Heyman faction.

1. Antonio Cesaro

The former ROH-star has had a solid start to his WWE career €“ winning the US Title €“ but his main weakness is his success on the mic. If a heel can€™t deliver a decent promo then he struggles to draw heat; that€™s where Heyman comes in. Heyman often has the crowd in the palm of his hand and he controls their reactions superbly. Cesaro is a talented guy but he really requires support in the promo area if he wants to move up the ladder. Many of the best factions had a top guy €“ in this case CM Punk €“ a mid-card performer and a tag team. Cesaro could be either the mid-card guy or he could reform the Kings of Wrestling with Chris Hero, who is currently working as Kassius Ohno. One potential idea would be for Cesaro to replace the US Title with the European Championship. The American audience would despise his anti-US actions and it creates the environment for a face to earn the support of the crowd.
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