The Attitude Era. An era in wrestling with even more forlorn fans than those that made up the ECW bingo hall. And it just so happens to be the main selling point for WWE ‘13, which just goes to show how much faith the WWE has in its current product. Yet, for as much as the Attitude Era has been heralded in the annals of pro wrestling, one has to acknowledge the good with the bad. And there was a lot of bad in the Attitude Era.

For every Stone Cold Steve Austin there was a Prince Albert. For every great Rock promo there was a 24/7 Hardcore Championship segment. Not a match, but a segment. This notion isn’t anything new to wrestling fans. In fact, being a wrestling fan means having a thick skin in order to endure the cringe-worthy four or five pieces of crap for every one great wrestling moment. This list aims to be a bit more balanced as I present to you: 5 Awesome Attitude Era Superstars and 5 That Sucked. Starting with the ones that sucked.

5 Superstars That Sucked…

5. Jeff Jarret

Jarrett should thank X-Pac for helping him transition into the Attitude Era due to a much-needed haircut. Before that, the guy’s one attitude moment, in which he returned to the WWE and cut a pretty good “shoot” interview, was overshadowed by him trying to stage an NWA invasion alongside Jim Cornette.

An NWA invasion during the Attitude Era involving almost no NWA wrestlers, mind you. Jarrett’s saving grace was teaming with Owen Hart and having Debra McMichael as a manager. Apparently, his stealing of other wrestler’s wives wouldn’t stop there either. He also makes the list for publicly complaining about Steve Austin overlooking him as a viable opponent. Probably because Austin knew feuding with Jarrett wouldn’t draw a dime. So Jarrett was given the next best thing: a feud with Chyna.

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This article was first posted on December 6, 2012