WWE: 5 Best SummerSlam Gimmick Matches Of All Time

In a few days time the WWE Universe will be witness to Bray Wyatt vs Kane in a ‘Ring Of…

David Pustansky


kane fire entrance

In a few days time the WWE Universe will be witness to Bray Wyatt vs Kane in a ‘Ring Of Fire’ match… whatever that means? We can only assume that it’s likely to be similar to Kane’s previous Inferno match he had with The Undertaker in 1998, though if rumour is to be believed the match will end with a pin fall and not risk Husky Harris catching his beard alight.

The match between Kane and Wyatt is the latest specialty or ‘gimmick’ match for the WWE to have as a special attraction on one of its pay per views, and currently the jury is out as to whether it will be fondly remembered or will forever be fated to induce a press of your fast forward button of your DVD remote. Going into SummerSlam its fair to say that there aren’t huge expectations of this match.

Kane is about to go off and revisit Jacob Goodnight for See No Evil 2 so needs writing off TV, and Wyatt will benefit from taking out The Big Red Monster in his first PPV match, but Kane is no stranger to gimmick matches and Wyatt is more than capable in the ring himself, so fingers crossed this match may surprise people.

Where it will rank in the history of SummerSlam gimmick matches waits to be seen. Over the years there have been a good amount of gimmick matches at the summer event such as simple post match stipulations like The Big Boss Man’s ‘Jailhouse match’ with The Mountie where the loser had to spend a night in a jail cell to matches that didn’t take place in a wrestling ring such as Ken Shamrock’s ‘Lion’s Den’ matches. Some of them have been amazing and not only a highlight of the SummerSlam pay per view, but sometimes also a match of the year candidate. So let’s take a look at the top five gimmick matches in SummerSlam history!