WWE: 5 Superstars Who Will Break Out In 2013

Every WWE superstar dreams to be the WWE Champion someday. When they first step in the walls of World Wrestling…

Siddharth Grover



Every WWE superstar dreams to be the WWE Champion someday. When they first step in the walls of World Wrestling Entertainment, every wrestler makes it his goal that he would win the World Championships within his tenure in the organization. The World Championships is the biggest prize in professional wrestling, and to a wrestler, a championship means everything. Only the best can hold the championships, and every superstar wants to be called the best. However, some superstars succeed in their mission, while some just fail and their chances fall apart. Some superstars are lucky and talented enough to receive a huge push, while some spend their entire lives competing in the mid card and the low card, where they get no benefits.

Last year, we saw multiple people rise up and grab the brass ring. Multiple superstars stepped up and went on to the next level, while some just failed and succumbed to the competition presented to them. To be a WWE superstar, one must be ready at all times to take the opportunity to get themselves noticed, and they should promote themselves at all times. Therefore, the following are the five superstars, who, in my opinion, are going to break out in 2013 and become potential legends.

5. Brad Maddox

One of the funniest and most annoying superstars on the roster currently, Brad Maddox might be on his way to becoming the most entertaining superstar currently. Starting off as a referee employed by AJ Lee, Brad Maddox was quiet and calm, and never used to complain. However, when he made a mistake, Paul Heyman and CM Punk called him out, and at Hell in a Cell, he screwed Ryback out of a championship. These events caused Ryback to unleash hell on Maddox, and AJ stripped Maddox of his referee duties. Now, he joins Vickie as they form ‘Team Brickie’, and they are the controlling heads of RAW. Maddox is the assistant to the managing supervisor, while Guerrero is the managing supervisor.

Brad Maddox is unintentionally funny and charismatic, and these two qualities make him an excellent superstar. He is entertaining and he has a talk show, which definitely means that his mic skills are great. Maddox might be new in the WWE, but with the amount of fans he has, there’s no doubt in my mind that Maddox will easily win a mid card championship by the end of this year. Maddox is being noticed by everyone, and it’s no surprise, since his efforts are being rewarded. Look out for Brad, since he might be on the top very soon.