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A wrestler’s character or gimmick can either be his best friend, or worst nightmare (just ask Michael McGillicutty).

Most of the time a wrestler doesn’t have much creative control over their character which is one of the many reasons why we see so many bad ones today. Unfortunately for the wrestlers, they don’t get much say in what they do, especially if they’re a mid card guy or a jobber.

A great gimmick can shoot you into the main event, while a bad one can bury you. Right now both the WWE and TNA have some characters with some pretty shitty gimmicks and I’m here to shine the light on some of them. The sad part is, some of these guys have potential to be STARS, but as long as they have these gimmicks, they’re going to go no where fast. Now lets take a look at some of the worst gimmicks going today. I warn you, some of these are just plain embarrassing.

Like always, some honorable mentions..

Faaandaaaangooooo. He has QUICKLY turned into one of the WWE’s biggest jokes. Upon his arrive, he was SUPPOSED to be a big time heel. Well, it didn’t exactly go according to plan. Fandango has quickly become one of the WWE’s funniest characters as the running joke of his theme music continues. At least Summer Rae is nice to look at. But hey, at least he’s getting a reaction!

TNA’s heel faction of The Aces & Eights is completely ridiculous. It’s basically Eric Bishoff’s love of motorcycle gangs turned fake reality. The Aces & Eights is also a cheap attempt of TNA trying to capitalize on the popularity of The Sons of Anarchy. Unfortunately for The Aces & Eights, they have no legitimate star except for Bully Ray. Everyone else is just a second rate jobber. Aces & Eights had a chance, but now they’re just wrestling’s biggest joke.

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This article was first posted on July 22, 2013