WWE: 6 Divas That Must Return In 2014

2. Kharma

kharma I think it's safe to say that there's no woman in the history of wrestling that has ever been as physically imposing as Awesome Kong, also known as Kharma. She's also a former WWE employee that has not been given the opportunity to really show the WWE Universe what she's capable of. Kharma stands at an imposing 5'11" and used to wrestle at a listed weight of about 275 pounds. She's lost some weight since then, but she's still one of the biggest women wrestlers ever. You know what the best part is? She's really good in the ring too. She's very experienced at 36 years of age with plenty of awesome matches against the top women all over the world. She's wrestled for many independent wrestling promotions in America, she's done several tours in Japan and had a very successful run in TNA Wrestling. Her feud with Gail Kim in TNA is one of the best women's feuds in the history of wrestling. Kharma debuted in WWE the spring of 2011 after several weeks of videos hyping up her debut. It was a big deal. When she showed up, she destroyed every woman in her path. Two months later, she announced she was pregnant and had to leave. She returned at the Royal Rumble in 2012. Then she was gone again, soon to be released. Her own Twitter (@Kharma) picture shows the physical transformation she's gone under since she left WWE. She has trimmed down, gotten into the best shape of her life and is primed for a return to WWE. I get the sense that WWE recommended she lose weight before they consider her again. She's done that. Now it's time to see what she can do. One scenario that I think would work really well was if AJ Lee was in the ring doing a cocky heel promo about how she's beat everybody that WWE has to offer up against her. Then we hear the cackling music of Kharma while AJ starts freaking out and out walks Kharma to a big ovation because the fans will know it's time for AJ to get destroyed. It's an easy storyline that would work. I think she has unfinished business in WWE and can work very well as a heel or face. I think the heel role would be great the beginning because she can bully other women due to her size, but if she turned babyface she would have success in that role because she would generate big reactions from the fans wanting to see her kick somebody's ass. The potential for Kharma in WWE is great. I hope it's realized sooner rather than later.
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