WWE: 7 Reasons Why John Cena MUST Turn Heel

john-cena-wwe-champion The main event for WWE TLC is official: World Champion John Cena vs WWE Champion Randy Orton. It is a match for the ages, 11 years in the making, a significant development in WWE's structure. Following the TLC pay per view, there will be just one world champion. In her promo on Raw, Stephanie McMahon seemed to indicate that the two belts would be unified to make one belt. The potential for creativity with the angle will be huge - and the biggest outcome could be a heel turn for John Cena. The polarizing World champion has been getting booed for years, in many ways he already is a heel - his cheesy good guy act is arguably a gimmick character designed to get boos. The hatred for Cena was perhaps best demonstrated at Sunday's Survivor Series. In his hometown of Boston, Cena was greeted with boos, and an entire front row who held up "Cena sucks" and "anti cena" signs. When WWE eventually do turn Cena into a formal heel, the heat levels will get through a roof. If Cena was to to turn on the women and children who support him he would be the ultimate WWE villain, a modern version of Hulk Hogan's 1996 turn on his fan base. There are of course many reasons why WWE keep Cena as a face. This article will play devils advocate in looking at why the company should turn their main man heel. But we must acknowledge the also valid reasons for keeping Cena face. It is arguably integral to his character that he remain face - he is a man who never gives up. He is also a commercial goldmine for WWE, he sells a ton of merchandise and improves ratings / buys when featured. Cena is also the legitimate face of the company to media and charity events. It would be a risk for WWE to turn their biggest star into a bad guy. But as WCW proved with Hogan, even the most commercial stars have to turn eventually, and Hogan proved that while he may have lost money in toy sales, he more than made up for it in other areas of business. It is inevitable that WWE turn Cena heel one day. The recent developments at Survivor Series and Raw have re-ignited the debate. Cena seems primed to become the champion of the WWE at TLC, and the corporate villains Hunter and Stephanie seem to be backing him. Could the whole unification angle be a massive heel turn for Cena in which he becomes Triple H's "face of the company"? Here we look at 7 reasons why John Cena MUST turn heel...
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