WWE: 7 Wrestlers Currently Working Through Injury Issues

Just because it’s fake, it doesn’t make the pain any less real. These guys could tell you that.

Tom Clark


John Cena Wwe

The life of a WWE Superstar is not as glamourous as you may believe. The road schedule is a tough one, separating the talent from their families for months at a time with very few breaks in between. Being in the public eye means they are opened up to criticism from WWE fans; their every move is analyzed and scrutinized beyond belief. The pressure of performing in front of a live crowd is always there of course and even though these men and women are professionals, the truth is that anything could go wrong at anytime in the WWE ring.

And that means serious injury is always a possibility.

But for the most part, injuries incurred in WWE are usually minor. Cuts, concussions, broken bones, torn muscles, it’s all part of the game so when word of an injury hits the net, the question is not if the Superstar in question will return but when. The truth is that when you get hurt, you get better and then you get back.

However, for a good number of the WWE talent, there is no getting better; there’s only getting back. Nagging injuries that have not had the time to fully heal are par for the course in Vince McMahon’s company, as no one wants to lose his or her spot. After all, losing their spot means losing their momentum and eventually perhaps, their spotlight.

Right now some of WWE’s best are dealing with these nagging injuries on a near daily basis. Here are just some of them.