WWE: 8 Locations for WrestleMania 30

2. Rogers Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Rogers CentreWhy it might: Formerly known as the SkyDome, the Rogers Centre has a history with WrestleMania - with only the above Madison Square Garden and Chicago's AllState Arena hosting the extravaganza more times, and both of those have the predicament of a small capacity. Usually regarded as 'smarky crowds', the Canadians know their WWE history and have stuck by the company through thick and thin, even when their hero Bret Hart was screwed upon leaving in 1997. A Canadian PPV is long overdue and if you do the math, Mania was in Toronto at VI and then X8 - a gap of 12 years. If the same happened again, it takes us right to...no. 30! Why it might not: Unbelievably, it's been over 6 years since the WWE held a PPV in Toronto and not since 2009 has there been one in Canada period. Before this hiatus they averaged about one Canadian PPV every year so there must be an underlying reason they have yet to return - one which only company insiders will know.

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