WWE: 8 Matches That Should Happen At WrestleMania 30

It has now been over two months since WrestleMania 29 blazed around the MetLife stadium in New Jersey and the…

Chris Wood



It has now been over two months since WrestleMania 29 blazed around the MetLife stadium in New Jersey and the same length of time since my last frolic into the oh so fun hobby of mine; fantasy booking the biggest event of the year. It is once again time to re-evaluate my previous card for WrestleMania 30 and see if it would still stick or, if changes should be made.

Looking back over my previous card it’s a little strange to see just how much has changed resulting in an almost total re-imagining of WrestleMania 30. I was fairly scared when i decided to run this article every couple of months as I thought that it wouldn’t change anywhere near enough after each month or so to be even slightly enjoyable. Thankfully that has not been the case even though only one Pay Per View has passed us by.

Indeed, only one match I previously booked remains (To be honest I see this staying for the duration!) but even the main event that I was so sure of, as well as having built what I believe would be a grand old storyline between CM Punk and Cena, now doesn’t look at all likely and have instead had a change of heart.

So please, once again, join me as I book WrestleMania 30 to be the best show it possibly can be (within reality) but first, as always, the rules and regulation that I adhere to!…


What follows is what I would do at WrestleMania 30 if I was running the show, including writing all storylines for the coming year and match order.

The following is by no means what I anticipate to take place but is more likely the exact opposite. WrestleMania should be about making the best card you can with the talent on offer and is the basis for the coming card. 

I will not be taking into account part time wrestlers such as Triple H, The Undertaker, Jericho etc but will be including full-time superstars due to return from injury before the event, along with NXT talent I feel will make their debuts on WWE TV and will subsequently become a member of the main roster.

The Divas division is not a part of the following as at this time, there is not enough to go on to even guess what would make a good angle for an entire year. If the Diva’s division steps up in the coming months, they may get added.

Many readers will likely notice the absence of certain “big names” as we progress. Any and all superstars left out I either feel aren’t quite making the cut nowadays or I believe should simply step aside and make way for the new guys.

If any of matches from the following card do take place, I said it first and take all credit for the success of the event.


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