WWE: Are These 9 New Reality TV Shows Coming To The WWE Network?

9. Blackman's Bounties

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nes9kwlB2dk Blackman's Bounties is described as a Dog the Bounty Hunter-esque reality series that would follow former WWE star and "legit badass" Steve Blackman and his bounty hunting team based out of Harrisburg, PA. That's right, you heard correctly -- Steve Blackman as in attitude era superstar "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman. Many thought it was some sort of bad April Fools joke until that teaser video above leaked. Blackman has become sort of pro wrestling's Chuck Norris to the internet wrestling fans. After seemingly disappearing from any sort of pro wrestling spotlight, it was certainly a shock for many to hear his name come up when discussing a possible future WWE product. Surely most wrestling fans had no clue what Steve Blackman was up to, and Blackman working as a bounty hunter is almost a little too...perfect? The fact that there is a production company already working on the show is a good sign. WWE could easily just acquire the rights without having to do any of the in-field work. If WWE can make Blackman's Bounties happen at a reasonable cost to them, without sacrificing other WWE Network programming, there is a strong likelihood we will see the show on the Network. However, Blackman's Bounties would probably be the most loosely wrestling-related show on the WWE Network. You would have a non-active wrestler performing a non-wrestling activity. It should also be noted that Steve Blackman is likely just a blip in the annals of pro wrestling history to most current WWE fans, if they are even aware of him at all. That's not even taking into account that these type of reality TV shows are usually not good.
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